Girls in STEM – Creating the future

See What You Can Be is a series of interactive webinars championing Australia’s extraordinary female changemakers who are blazing new pathways across the STEM sector.

At InnovationAus, we have met hundreds of Australian women carrying out significant, and often ground-breaking, work in STEM. We have told their stories to the technology industry for over five years but now want to champion the valuable stories they have to tell to our future female leaders.

This powerful storytelling platform highlights the achievements of those changing the world – the scientists developing future cancer breakthroughs, data scientists mining for commercial gold, mechanical engineers building our critical infrastructure, and cybersecurity experts keeping the nation safe – and encourages the nation’s students to challenge outdated stereotypes.

Sessions will comprise of a fireside chat with InnovationAus Publisher, Corrie McLeod, and two guests for the first section of the webinar, and then we’ll open up to students for a broader Q&A. Our guests will be insightful women sharing what they have learned on their STEM journey – including success stories, opportunities and barriers to entry – while encouraging students to challenge outdated stereotypes.

Are you a ‘Girl in STEM’ and would like to speak at one of our sessions?

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For more detail on the series and the talent we have secured, see our main page.

Education partner

We have also partnered with Cool Australia to make the recordings and assets available to teachers all over Australia as resources, should they fit elements of their teaching focus.